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MGs Only: Joanne's MGA

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1958 1500 MGA
1960 1600 MGA
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Hello and Welcome!!
This Web site is following the restoration of our 2 MGAs. The 1958 1500 MGA is being restored as a fun, around town driver. There is great progress to report. Colors have been chosen (red) and body work and paint are planned very soon. The 1960 1600 MGA is unfortunately taking a back seat at this time. But it does get a little attention from Eddie and once in awhile and it is sitting in my Garage where I can pass it each day. This will be our "show car", not a "Trailer Queen". Just a car restored as close to original as possible, yet still drivable and fun to be in.  Check out the link below to Eddie's 1969 MGB web site. It was finished last year.  
              "Life can't get any better, than when your going topless in a British car".
                                                                                See ya'llll soon !!!!
                                                                                Roll Tide !!!!
                                                                                Eddie and Joanne


Eddie's 1969 MBG Restoration Project

West Alabama British Car Club

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