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Current Progress

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This is the current progress of the 1958 MGA

58mga5.JPG (39168 bytes)
58mga3.JPG (31885 bytes)
58mga1.JPG (37317 bytes)
This is before sandblasting
Me at work
After sandblasting and priming
58mga2.JPG (37826 bytes) 58mga4.JPG (39674 bytes) 58rearrepair29.JPG (70013 bytes)
A look at the Chassis
Body primed and on chassis
Rear repair planned soon
58frontrepair19.JPG (46256 bytes) 58frontrepair20.JPG (51774 bytes) 58frontrepair21.JPG (58390 bytes) 58frontrepair22.JPG (56331 bytes)
Front before repair
I will replace radiator pan and left front corner
Corner cut away
58frontrepair23.JPG (57594 bytes) 58frontrepair24.JPG (43173 bytes) 58frontrepair34.JPG (56155 bytes)
Repair piece from donor car being fitted into place
Another shot
Corner piece welded in place

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